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October 11, 2005


Candice A.

Hi, Thanks for this useful posting on the beginner's triangle! I have one question that I'd love to bother you with: when you knit into the stich in the row below on the WS, do you then knit into to the next stitch on the LH needle (the one directly above), thereby increasing by one; or do you pull off the stich above (the one that you would have knit into next if you didn't go to the row below)?

I'm a beginnner (if you couldn't tell) and after a good deal of research I can't figure this one out.

Thanks! Candice


Candice, when you K into the st in the row below, you are in a sense working a K2tog but instead of the 2 sts being side-by-side, they are stacked. (It doesn't decrease the number of sts on the needle either, but let's not cloud the issue.) The result is that you have 2 loops coming off of your needle at once, as you suspected. You just slip them both off at the same time, instead of in separate movements.

The purpose of this here is to pull that extra bar out of the way so that the eyelet is unobstructed. It might help to think of it that way. If you watch carefully as you do the trick -- I mean stitch! -- you will see what I mean. You are still working the K st on the needle, but adding in the stitch from the row below -- if you pull the needle out early, you'll see that both of the sts are actually being worked together.

Charlene Anderson

Thanks for the great photos and explanations!


I know this post is old, but I couldn't remember the steps in the centered eyelet, and google turned up your excellent explanation. Last time I used it, I found the eyelet hole a little small for my liking. So, I double wrapped the center sts on the WS row before the eyelet row. I dropped the extra wrap while working the eyelet, and the next row, when knitting into the row below, that st is much larger, so pulls up better, making a larger eyelet hole.

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