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September 29, 2006



Rowan is baffling in many ways, but sometimes they truly get things right, don't you think? Thanks for answering!


I've so been enjoying these "things"--I find it so interesting to see the ways in which so many of us are similar and the ways in which we're different. Love it.

And yes, some Rowan patterns really are just right, but many of them aren't. I think they're photographers are insane, though!


I think no. 10 is definitely something worth to know. I should start saving my hair now.:)


I think you've knit the most E.Z. projects. I've signed up for Zimmermania and was looking through your blog again. Did you ever finish the Mystery blanket?


Grumperina, I hope that I didn't give the impression that I don't like Rowan atal. I do like the simpler things, though!


Hello, that book looks exquisite. Rowan either does it right or gets it very, very wrong - you can knit some really wierd things in the name of Rowan. It is however a staple around here - easy to get hold of compared to other yarns, and yes I agree the colour names can be plain daft and they often call something a classic just for it to disappear (yes, I am still in mourning for Magpie Aran which was a brilliant yarn). The other issue is that some of the colours can be a bit depressing/limited. You go in thinking you'll get some blue for example to knit a project and they just don't have the breadth of shade you might expect - almost like they have got a certain range of colour stuck on a loop and that can be so frustrating


That Halland sweater is truly awe inspiring.

Camilla Alma

I too am dreaming of beautiful knitted robe.
Although slightly insane.


Wow to an aspiring knitter (as in I look at the patterns and have bought yarn, but have lent out my knitting needles to never be seen again) I am incredibly impressed by the romantic robe-thing, above!

As a reader, I really love your blog too! I wanted to talk to you about the upcoming Kate Jacobs Friday Night Knitting Club book, KNIT THE SEASON but can't seem to find your contact email! If you'd be interested in a copy for review consideration and knitting inspiration, please email me at lydia.hirt@us.penguingroup.com.


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