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September 08, 2006



Wow, this turned out beautifully! So how did you make the border? I have no clue here. IT's just wonderful! And by the way, I love addi turbo's, they are sooooo sooth.


This is very beautiful. I wouldn't have thought to knit this shawl with Koigu, which is one of my favorite yarns for sock knitting, but it was an inspired choice. Truly lovely work.


Beautiful shawl! I love the colour, and it looks so warm and cozy!


Just beautiful. The variegation works very well with the pattern.


Very pretty shawl. I love that you're working through the Almanac.


Beautiful shawl, you do wonderful stocking stitch, so regular and tidy. Ofcourse the lacey border is great too.


Beautiful! I'm intrigued as to how one wears it though, being circular. Do you fold it in half (into a semi-circle) and drape it around yourself that way?

P'raps a photo of it on you?

Must get myself a pair of these turbos everybody is talking about.


Beautiful shawl. I want to see a pic of you wearing it, too!


Lovely! And very hypnotic. I found myself just sitting and staring at that picture of the center...then I felt slightly dizzy. :P I love the edging design too. It's a nice contrast to the solid pattern of the middle of the shawl.

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