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November 14, 2005


kelli ann

laughing quietly after skimming over your entry with respect to *your* respect for single parents. when my SO is away, or in town for meetings, i have much less time for knitting... right now my youngest one is asleep on the couch & throwing my day completely out of whack!! i should go, er- finish that veg. gratin. glad i came across your blog! (after swearing up & down that my reading of blogs had to be cut back). right!


I finally bought scarf style and this leaf scarf is my second fave (after Ene's scarf, of course. I was thinking of knitting Cinxia too, when it first came out. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress and thots on it :)

Siow Chin

Hi Jeanne, how much more #88 do you need? My colleague, Terry and I, just got some from Nathan Woollen. I've got myself 7 skeins to make the Debbie Bliss scoop neckline cardigan. Let me know how I can help.


My comment is gone gone gone....
can I pick something up for you?


Love the leaf scarf. I swatched that by working through the repeat (the yarn didn't work) so I know exactly what you mean about the chart. Their photo didn't help much either! Yours is looking perfect.

I think I've got a just a tad of the #88 left from Klaralund - let me know and it's yours.

Love your color of the Jaeger - it is nice yarn. Washed well too.

I was so very tired that I had to turn off The Virgin Queen and go to bed. So, please help with the big question ... did they have her sleep w/Dudley? What do you think really happened (or not)? Inquiring minds want to know!! I think the actor playing him did a good job (realistic I don’t know, but charismatic). Always fun to see how they're going to portray her and the era. I'm going to take a nap for this week's showing. Obviously, we must get some sort of DVR around here!


Well, Nancy!-- Regarding Elizabeth and Dudley, they tricked us twice -- the first time, we see him come to her bed, they kiss, and so on, then SHE WAKES UP! The second time, after Lady Dudley has thrown herself down the staircase, and after Elizabeth has made Dudley an earl, we see her come to him as he is sleeping, she lies down with him, they kiss passionately, and so on, and then we realize IT'S NOT ELIZABETH! but in fact one of her ladies-in-waiting, who has a similar build and coloring, and is obviously wearing one of Elizabeth's more extravagant gowns. Dudley says something to her, which I can only assume is meant to be terribly significant, but for the life of me, even rewinding the tape and playing it over, I cannot understand what he says.

I'm glad they didn't have her sleep with him, really. Of course there is no way of knowing for sure, but I would like to think that she didn't. If nothing else, pregnancy would have been such a catastrophe for her that she would have been foolish to risk it, and if there is one thing about Elizabeth, she was no fool. She was so determined to remain unmarried as queen, and so strong-willed, that it seems unlikely she would have risked her virginity, both literal and metaphorical -- and I think she rather enjoyed leading everyone one on, Dudley sexually and her counsellors politically.


I didn't see it, but I think that Lady in Waiting would have been Lettice (spelling's wrong I think - something like that), a relative of the Queen, redhead I think, and second wife of Dudley. What I saw of the first show had quick meaningful moment of Lettice commenting on Dudley.

Didn't bother to try and watch tonight because I've missed so much. Will rent it upon release.

I agree with you about her virginity. I think she had seen far too many people around her lose their heads (not speaking metaphorically here) to allow herself to lose control.

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