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November 03, 2005



Hi Jeanne,

I want to thank you for suggesting these questions. I made my first Booking Through Thursday post just now, and made a brief reference to your answers.



The LOTR! I had many of the same responses as you having read the trilogy over and over as I was growing up and as an adult.

I think I was most disappointed in the portrayal of Faramir (did I spell it right?). To me he was always the mysterious and less glamorous version of Aragorn. Strong, silent and an important part of the story at a time where he was most needed. All I remember from the movie is that he was kind of petulant and was presented as not being worthy of trust.

I remember thinking that up until that point they had mostly just left stuff out - so that I could keep the mental images of the left out scenes and incorporate them in to my own version of the movie (Tom Bombadil, etc), but, oh, to have changed Faramir! (Perhaps I need to watch it again just to see if I remember it correctly - or go back to the book - yes, that would be better!)


Mary, I agree with you. Faramir was my favorite in the book, and in the movie he turned out a bit wet. (I still think they should have cast Sean Pertwee, but that's another story.)

I didn't miss Tom Bombadil, because I really think he belonged in "The Hobbit," and I am glad P. Jackson gave more to Arwen and Eowyn than Tolkien did. But to leave out the Scouring of the Shire is something I can never really accept, story-wise. It loses so much.

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