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November 05, 2005



Hi - technically 2 items - depends how you decide what knitting is.... the first a pair of socks in pink opal sock yarn that is for the daughter and is irritatingly too skinny to work on 20cm needles so is on dble pins and I picked up, sighed and put down again. Or, a sweater designed by Solveig Hisdal in the round in terracottas/reds etc which is gorgeous beyond belief and I knitted 3 rows before being stuck down by the gastric bug again. So, it depends - if moving the yarn is knitting or just thinking about it counts!!! That is one pretty, pretty blanket.


I've been half heartedly working on a pair of socks for xmas. And I've recently picked up Jesse's Flames from SnB for my brother. Oddly enough the 6x1 body ribbing is holding my interest more than the socks. But reading the blogs always wins out. :)


earl grey...and books...just right.

now we have a knitter in our show and tell midst! this could be v good.

I don't knit -- but I will tell you that I am wont to walk away from just about ANYTHING to read blogs...

Miz Booshay

Ostrich Plume is gorgeous!


(just surfing by :o)


I was knitting another pair of these:
for a Christmas gift. But blogs distracted me. So too did the fact that I have lost (read: packed away in effort to clean the house) the pattern and can't remember how many rows to knit before decreasing.

Love your blanket. And thanks for your comments on my blog recently. Hugh Laurie ... sigh. (Although I saw him on an ad for a tv show recently where he plays a doctor, and my lord he needed a shave).


In a word: Kiri.

Love that ostrich plume blanket you're making! Gorgeous. :-)

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