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March 30, 2006



So many interesting posts for me to catch up on. I am definitely going to check out Ms DE Stevenson. I like Miss Read, I just bought another one of her books yesterday. And what struck me most about your comment is the part where you say Stevenson is "nice, sensible, intelligent, polite lady, and to be honest this is in rather short supply these days". I find the last part so sadly true.
Loved the pink gallery 2, especially the first one. And I always like Carl Larrson, precisely because it's charming.
And I like the milk and not too dark chocs best, although I'm now eating a Japanese bar of dark choc called "black", yum.


I know which author's books I am going to seek out next time I go to the library. :) Thank you for such a well written and intriguing review of Ms. Stevenson's books! I am in awe as I had such a difficult time trying to describe what the books of my favorite author were like...


I agree with you about DE Stevenson, I have 4 or 5 at home bought in secondhand book shops and I have read many more from libraries. Recently I have had an urge to reread her books, but living in the Netherlands, I am not likely to find them on the shelves. I have thought about buying some from Amazon secondhand.

Anyway, thank you for your review of a rather forgotten author.

PS I prefer milk and white chocolate myself but hubby prefers plain.

All the best,

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