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April 20, 2006



Wow. That was great. Very thoughtful and personal. Also, I love that you included a picture of the books. And... I am coveting those cool, old books. Thanks for playing.


P.S. I just finished Then There Were Five which was sent to me free by a blogger who was giving away books to anyone who promised to read them and then pass them on to someone else.


I love seeing your pile of books. I may have to steal your idea when I do mine. I'm still working on my list! The bit of Tolkein poetry is lovely.


I'm cracking up that the previous two commenters are Laura and Mary - very appropriate for a post referencing Little House! I wonder the same thing - if the old-fashioned books made me old-fashioned or just brought out that side of me. And I love Tey - Daughter of Time is so absorbing.


I love the Melendy books too and recently re-read The Saturdays and The four-storey mistake. Adore Josephine Tey too, especially The Daughter of Time and Brat Farrar. I keep forgetting to do "Booking through Thursday"!


Thank you for sharing that wonderful picture of your books! I love the Ingalls Wilder books too. I am very intrigued by the Heaven Tree Trilogy. Will have to add them to my to-read list. :)


Beautiful, beautiful books! I always enjoy reading about your reading. So many good books and so little time! This post makes me wish I was twelve again so I could laze away summer afternoons reading and re-reading my favorites!


You've only read the first Heaven Tree book?! For shame, Jeanne, for shame! as Ma would say. Finish "The Scarlet Seed" and "The Green Branch" this INSTANT! (Of course it's been years since I read them all, and I can't even remember which one is last, but I adored all three of them.) As for Tey's conclusion in "The Daughter of Time", I'm not sure what you mean...is this a trick question? What OTHER conclusion is there, that once could possibly come to, in that book? (Hee. Thus spake the lifelong Ricardian.) Oh, and of course your own six books strike strong chords with me, and for the same reasons! But ah...can you SING the Gil-galad song?

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