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April 04, 2006



I'm so excited that you actually knit the Kousa Dogwood shawl. Do you happen to
remember what type/gauge yarn you used, and the resulting size of the shawl? I knit one Beeton flower in a sport/dk alpaca but am planning on changing to a fingering weight unless I find out that the shawl ends up being unusably small at that weight yarn.


Janet, it was in Jaeger Wool Silk -- the taupey-brown shade in the Old Shale shawl I made later. I don't have the Kousa shawl any more, and I didn't keep a record then of my gauge and other details, so I don't remember any more, I'm afraid. The Wool Silk was probably fairly close to gauge. It was not a very big shawl, perhaps around elbow-length. A fun knit, though.


Thanks for the info Jeanne. Based on your experience I will start again using the fingering weight alpaca. I was planning that anyway. I was just second guessing myself since there aren't any finished measurements in the book, and the unique construction makes it almost impossible to figure it out.


I'm enjoying your Knitter's Almanac projects. I've read the book several times and always admire EZ, but I've never summoned up the dedication to work my way through the year's worth of projects, but I'm glad you are--I'm having fun just watching!


I'm cheering your weaving talents from the sidelines!

Mary Tess

I started this, too, and am making mine in sport weight cotton on US size 3 needles. I changed the pattern slightly to put two stitches at each corner with the over just after the first and just before the last. I'm knitting into the backs of those stitches to give them a twisted look. It is an easy way to keep each quandrant of the square on a separate dpn. To get the count back down to 5 stitches for the corners I'm knitting those two corner stitches together on the first knit row after the two purl rows at the end. The knitting goes quickly and I've just cast on the 4th square. I am trying to devise a way to weave as many squares together as possible resulting in the fewest ends.


I love the simple cream for the blanket. You are inspiring me to try to knit the Almanac. I don't know why I get these delusions of grandeur, when I'm still knitting my March sock in April.

Mary Tess

My prior post had an error and I don't know how to edit it. The pattern calls for one purl row near the end, not two. I'm sorry if I confused anyone.

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