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May 08, 2006



So.... Not going to redo in a larger size?


Yikes! a dude!


I really enjoy "A Bluestocking Kits"! I linked from Mason-Dixon Knitting weeks ago (The name got my attention!), and I have been reading your blog regularly ever since.

I bought the Fall 2005 IK before I even started knitting just because I loved the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket so much. I'm enjoying reading about your progress. I hope I will have the skills and experience to make it in the fall.

Another reason I enjoy your blog is that I'm a bookworm and an Anglophile too. Don't you hate that Sean Bean always plays the bad guy?


Coming out of lurkdom here. I've been reading your Swing Jacket progress. It's on my list and is rapidly moving to the top - once I decide on yarn and finish some other projects, that is.

Quick question . . .when you refer to the sizing issues do you mean the sleeve or the overall jacket sizing? I recall at one point you thought the sleeve might be too wide at the bottom. How does the sleeve fit and feel now that you've made it?

Thanks for sharing -


Katy, the Swing Jacket I think looks harder than it is. The shaping is actually very simple, and the pleat -- possibly the most daunting piece to a new knitter -- is more fiddly than difficult.

I still wish that Sean Bean had been cast as Aragorn instead of as Boromir in the "Lord of the Rings" cycle. Not that I have anything against Viggo Mortensen, but Sean Bean was more my mental picture of Aragorn. Apparently here in the US we've seen mostly his bad guys -- in the UK, he's done a lot of good guys. He just does bad so well!

Stephanie, welcome out of lurkerdom! My Swing Jacket is still safety-pinned together, and missing a sleeve, so I can't commit myself just yet, but I would say that unless you are VERY slim, a generous size would be best. Even though it has lots of room according to the tape measure, it doesn't quite feel so. The sleeve isn't as huge as I thought it would be from the schematic measurements, possibly because it tapers fairly quickly. I'm still tempted to lengthen the sleeve -- this would only be a matter of taking out the top shaping on the one I've already done, and adding about an inch.

The Bec Half of Glamorouse

HI there, I'm de-lurking too (via Suse at Pea Soup). Winter is coming fast down here, and after a long break from knitting (my youngest are twins and, well, not much else got done here since 2002!) my fingers are itching to make something for ME!
Love the jacket and subscribed to Interweave, organised the pattern and ordered my wool. Even though I probably won't start until yours is finished, I'd like to be a Pearl Buck Knitalonger too, if that's ok?


Ooh look, I was popping over to check out your progress and mention that I might have a new knit-alonger for you, when I see that she (Bec) has beaten me to it herself.

Exciting to see your jacket ON!


Sean Bean..yum...that reminds me, I need to hunt down some movies where he is not Boromir...
The jacket looks terrific. I really like how the sleeve falls and the shape of it. Can't wait to see it finished. :)


Your jacket looks great so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

The sizing was what definitely got me when I made this jacket. My mom is a 36 and petite, so I worried that the next size up would be too big. When it was done it felt okay on me and I'm smaller. I then started worrying that it might be too small. Thankfully it fits her just fine...if she wears a thin top underneath. Maybe it will stretch.

Unfortunately she didn't like how the hook and eye closure was done, so that will be fixed sometime in the fall. Does this mean I'm technically not finished?

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