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June 05, 2006



Thanks so much for your ideas on lengthening. I had to read through them a couple of times in order to make sense of it all - I'm really slow at this sort of thing. But I think I get it now - you've given me some food for thought - I wasn't even thinking about the side decreases, I was just trying figure out how to maintain that diamond pattern up the pleat, and on the front pieces, while keeping both the front pieces and back piece of even length.

I definitely need to get more length in the body or my sleeves will look too long in proportion. Or else I need to go back and shorten the sleeves.


The Bec Half of Glamorouse

Hi Jeanne! Sorry I haven't answered the last couple of update emails but I have FINALLY started and posted the progress on my new blog this morning. www.ladieslounge.blogspot.com - feel free to copy the pic - I was going to email it to you but couldn't get attachments working and am now out of time (gotta run to work!)

I've added some length to the front already and was wondering how well I'd manage with the sleeves and the stitch count for the top - thanks for the advice!


Me again! just needed to update my blog link in your comments - I'm still posting on Glamorouse but the relevant bits for you are on Ladies Lounge...


Hi Jeanne, I was directed here by Suze from Peasoup. I am interested in joining the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket Knitalong. I haven't participated in a knitalong before so if you could let me know the details I would be grateful. Thanks, Jenny

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