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July 20, 2006



I have serious quilt-itis too but since I'm packing away things that I have to pay to store, the timing really sucks. I will just have to live vicariously through you.
It's a good thing you were on Team Tea.


I've heard those coffee bags are good!
And why not?!


I see you've finally succumbed to the whipers of the turning twenty quilt. :) I love the fabrics your daughter chose! The kitty face one is darling and the pattern on the red two over from the kitty is especially interesting. Can't wait to watch your progress!


Neon yellow and lime tie-dye...mmmm! Oh, you big spoil-sport, you. What a fetching combination they would have made with those lovely soft pinks and lavenders! Now, I know nothing about quilting, but my friend/colleague Sandra is a quilting WHIZ, regularly bringing creations to work for us to go weak-kneed over. She seems to enjoy them and not find them at ALL difficult. So, good luck with that, old thing! (Hee.) By the way -- what is that heavenly blue-hued creation with the eyelets, resting rather casually beneath the Vivaldi?

Oh -- even though I am a Real Coffee Aficionado, I don't mind those coffee bags in the least, they are very satisfying (being filled with actual COFFEE) and light years better than that laughable 'instant' muck. (Instant what? Instant rush to the sink? Instant dash for the anti-emetic?) Of course I don't include International Foods/Jarrah etc. which don't even pretend to be coffee, so they are quite all right. But instant 'coffee' bears the same relation to real coffee (ground or in handy bags) that the unspeakable 'carob' bears to real chocolate. And now if you will excuse me, I am having a very Hormonal weekend indeed (can you tell?) so I'm off to make myself some filtered hazelnut coffee and indulge in some dark chocolate butter truffles!

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