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August 24, 2006



Oh it's a lovely place. I hope that one day you do get to visit. Cheers.


It would be marvelous fun to have a group trip down the Nile... knitting needles included. Though I think something lightweight and cool to knit would be the order of the day. ;-)

The parasol is optional.


I don't share your enthusiasm for DE Stevenson but you might be interested in a short story called 'Beattock for Moffat, by RB Cunninghame-Graham http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Cunninghame-Graham He didn't write any novels, but produced many short stories, which are well worth reading. If you can't get hold of one of his collections, the story is also in the New Penguin Book of Scottish Short Stories, ed. Ian Murray. Beattock was the railway station for Moffat.
You might also be interested to read Lorna Jay's blog http://lornajay.blogspot.com/ She knits and lives about 50 miles away from Moffat.
Of course, you may know all this already...

Helen (the other one)

During my insanely Anglophilic teens, I dreamed of visiting the Yorkshire Dales, after reading James Herriot's hilarious, heartwarming books, and seeing the TV series and movies. In 1986, I moved to England for a few years and was lucky enough to visit the glorious, breathtakingly beautiful Dales region, along with countless other places I'd read about and dreamed about from childhood onwards. Places like the Brontes' home in Haworth, Yorkshire...Jane Austen's homes in Chawton and Winchester, Hampshire...Rupert Brooke's holiday haunt at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, and 'his' village of Grantchester, south of Cambridge...Cambridge itself, of course!...and Oxford (Dorothy L. Sayers)...and Bath (Austen and Georgette Heyer)...and from a slightly less-exalted, non-literary source, the charming, surprising village of Plockton in the Highlands of Scotland (just over the sea from Skye), the setting of the TV series "Hamish Macbeth". Last, but definitely not least, there was Stratford-upon-Avon, which to my joy I was able to discover with Jeanne, TWICE. And to my delight, Stratford and all the other places of pilgrimage more than lived up to my hopes and expectations. (But I still haven't been down the Nile on a private, luxury dahabeeyah! Jeanne, do you think David would mind the kids?)

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