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September 22, 2006



wow. on a project larger than a hat, or one that changes circumference more than a sock, one is really at the mercy of hand paint. i love, love, love the colors of all those yarns and how they look in the skein, but i find myself buying only ones without much contrast or more solid colors.

at any rate, keep the lightning bolts! they are what they are - beautiful knitted fabric with unpredictable color. not available at target.

odessa is a winner, check out the new beaded hat at grumperina, black sea. also cool.


Wow, that is a lot of knitting, Jeanne! Maybe a solid Sheperd Sock, one day??


I actually kind of like the color shifts though I'd agree that maybe I wouldn't want lightening bolts on my thighs. :) The shaping is lovely, though.


Wow, those colour shifts are quite jarring. It reminds me of an okapi ( www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/vets/answer14.html )! Still, they look super-comfortable, and I would wear them, perhaps with a tunic to hide the pooling at the hip, but that's just me. The leg shaping is impressive.

kelli ann

david's socks are so beautiful, as are the beaded hats. 'lightning bolts on the thighs'! i think i would just say 'no,' too. but they look so cozy! and our climate *here* often calls for nether garments in the winter-- i think that i would wear them with a knowing twinkle, as nobody else would see the thighs under my warm winter clothes!


Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this blog. I really love the paintings (and painter info) you post - I've found a few new favorite artists that way - and your Westley comment had me laughing.

Thanks for sharing your knitting in a unique and interesting way. :)

Beth in Indiana

I made a pair of Nether Garments several years ago, out of handspun worsted weight lambswool. I ran out of yarn at the upper thigh so I started using up leftovers for the top. I put stirrups on the bottom and wear them out to the barn when it gets cold. You really should finish yours, I'll bet they would look great!


I have followed your blog for a long time and am totally obsessed with EZ, her knitting and her books. Your work is beyond beautiful - I'm always looking forward to the "next chapter" in your knitting life - thanks so much for sharing and inspiring! Would you please be willing to share your email so I could ask some questions and glean some wisdom from a most experienced and talented knitter? I can be reached at [email protected]
Thank you so much - hope I hear from you!
Until then...knit on!


Just adore the way the colours shift and shape themselves - I LOVE the lightning bolts - weird and wonderful!!

I am addicted to a lot of Elizabeth's knitting and have all her books.

Thank you so much for this blog...

Yvette (Grandma's Knitting Place blogspot.com)

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