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January 11, 2007



I finished "Reading Like a Writer" last week and LOVED it. What a great look at the way different writers handle different things, without necessarily following the "rules." I thought the author (who has the PERFECT name) had a lovely, interesting voice throughout, and I learned of a few authors about whom I'd never even HEARD. Great book. And how often can you say you loved an analysis about literature??


_The Worst Journey in the World_ is one of the best books ever written! Especially if you are in love with Antarctica, as I have been all my life, for reasons even I am not sure I can articulate.

If you liked Sara Wheeler's bio of Cherry (which I did, very much), then you might also enjoy her travel writing on Antarctica (if you haven't already read it).


Have just finished watching a documentary series recreating Scott-Amundsen in order to determine what did go wrong for Scott. If you haven't seen it please keep an eye out. A wonderful show which was utterly authentic. The two teams wore the same Victorian clothes, ate the same food, used the same equipment etc.

I shan't tell you the conclusions reached...but you will be fascinated.

And by the way, yours is the best knitting blog. Cathy

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