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February 19, 2007


kelli Ferrigan

sweater=gaspworthy. i think it looks stunning, and comfortable. and i should *really* watch Babette's Feast again soon-- i think it has been at least 15 years since i watched it. yoiks. thank you!!

kelli Ferrigan

sweater=gaspworthy. i think it looks stunning, and comfortable. and i should *really* watch Babette's Feast again soon-- i think it has been at least 15 years since i watched it. yoiks. thank you!!


Great post, and gorgeous sweater! I love your sleeve mod-- the bell sleeves are what turned me off Klaralund. Mayhap I shall reconsider?


Your sweater is beautiful! The colours are gorgeous and the fit for you is great. It must be all those clever modifications. The Kristin Lavransdatter movie... I was in high-school when that was released and they made us all watch the entire movie. It was too long, to boring and when they turned the lights on in the end it turned out 1/3 of the school was gone, 1/3 was asleep and the rest was crying. Personally, I don't recommend the book either.


Ahhhh.....I adored "Babette's Feast" but I haven't thought of it in a long time - thank you for reminding me about it.

Your sweater is beautiful too!!


Your sweater is gorgeous. I've been so frustrated with Silk Garden for the same reasons, and the horizontal stripes wouldn't suit me.

We had to wait in a long line to see Kristin Lavransdatter; it was even sold out the first time we attempted to see it. (We lived in Minneapolis at the time, so I assume the large Swedish population was thrilled.) I HATED the movie, even though it was something I really wanted to like, and I can't bring myself to attempt the book.

Mary Tess

I read your entry about KL with interest because it is one of a good friend's favorite books. I have a paperback copy I bought for a quarter at the library sale and still haven't read it. However when I do I will have your comments in mind and am curious whether I will agree more with you or with her.

My husband and I recently watched BF for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite its age it wasn't the least bit dated. I wish I could have seen it on the large screen because the women own several beautiful handmade lace garments and household items. And I was amazed at how fast the sisters could knit.


Your Karalund is absolutely beautiful. Your modifications are great and it looks so lovely on. I am knitting with Noro now (Kureyon) and although it is frustrating the colours make up for it!

Rose Red

Your Klaralund is lovely - although I think that Noro would frustrate me to no end. Thanks for reminding me of Babette's Feast - I must watch it again.


Christina, even after my minimal modifications, the weight of the Silk Garden "shapes" the thing, but it's one of those perfect marriages of yarn to garment. Despite the utter rectangleness of the pieces, they end up curving in just the right places. I think that just shortening the sleeves goes some way to reducing the bell shapes. I'm not sure why it looks so droopy around the bustline on the model in the book. I'm pleased with how flattering mine actually is, for a straight-sided sweater with horizontal stripes! and so I can recommend it with those caveats in mind.


You look great in your Klaralund. I find SG soft when knitting but itchy when wearing, so I've avoided making this even though I like the pattern. Maybe I'll reconsider because I think it looks good with a T-neck underneath too.


I enjoyed reading other knitters' reactions to your Klaraland as well as to your entry about Babette's Feast, a film that I have loved for many years for its quiet beauty.


Your Klaralund is beautiful! I really like the colors...very elegant combination! :)
Babettes Gaestebud sounds like a wonderful movie. I'll have to add it to my Netflix list.


Karalund is a wonderful pattern that seems to look good on everybody. I'm with you on the bell sleeves, not my cup of tea, so I like your modifications.
Babette's Feast, I'd forgotten about that one. It's nice to revisit good films.


I love your klaralund! I bought some yarn for this last year, now I'm inspired to get going.


Is it a bit stalky (or just dorky?) that I enlarged that first photo so I could read the titles on your bookshelf?


Lovely sweater. I saw quite a few Karalund sweaters while at the Stitches West convention and yours looks like a much better fit. The sleeves look great and I also like how the striping worked out at the shoulder, no doubt with some judicious help on your part.


I love your Klaralund sweater... it's gorgeous! As a newish (1 year) knitter, the thought of knitting a sweater still intimidates me, but if I had to choose one, I'd definitely choose this! Great work!

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