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March 05, 2007



Happy Blogiversary!!!


Happy Blogiversary! Such pretty colors!

Judy K

Happy Blogiversary and many more to come. Please include me in your drawing. Thx!


I enjoy your posts!


Happy 2nd Blogiversary! That knitting sure looks pretty!

Siow Chin

Happy Blogiversary! I'm glad to have met you during your stay here.


Happy blogiversary, Jeanne!


Happy Anniversary, Jeanne. I am always happy to find a new post on your blog!
Such beautiful colours, they look lovely knitted up.


Happy Blogiversary! I too love any excuse for a celebration.

I haven't done pair of Jaywalkers yet, so I hope I win!!!


Happy Anniversary Jeanne

I have been enjoying reading of your knitting adventures for a while now. Please add my name to the draw.


Congratulations! I am always happy to find a new post on your blog. Your stories of the dollhouse brought back the wonderful memories of the dollhouse my parents made me many, many years ago.

Rose Red

Happy Blogiversary - that Lakeview is lovely knitted up (and in the skein!). I look forward to reading more of your beautiful and thoughtful posts.


I think you already know that this is one of my favorite blogs. Happy Blogiversary and many more!


What beautiful yarn!
Happy blogiversary!
[Wonder if I spelled that right....}


Happy anniversary to your blog- I always admire your projects and love the colours so much. Great work...... :)

kelli Ferrigan

happy 2nd-- what a wonderful landmark. i'm glad to be able to stop by & déguste little snippets of your life.

Kathryn Estelle

Please include me too. Your blog is a pleasure to read!

Romelda mckee

My father in law and my dh always sent flowers to their mothers on their BIRTH days and my daughter gives me flowers on her birth day. It feels so good. If the drawing is for the yarn pictured, please oh, please pick me! It is so lovely. This is a sweet idea, happy blogaversary!


Hi Cuz
I think that you should give Kelli a prize for using the word "Deguste"!
Did you the latest knitty? I LOVE those videogame socks and think that yer hubby should have some....;)


happy blogiversary! I'm delurking . . . I always know I can find beautiful things on your blog. Thanks for sharing! --sharon


I would love to link to a picture of a pair of blue socks I knit, in honor of Bluestocking's anniversary, but since I am blogless I will just wish you happy blogoversary without socking it to you, so to speak.
I love your blog - here's to many more blogoversaries ahead.


Congratulations on reaching your first Blogiversary (I've only just started blogging myself) and here's wishing you many more.Gorgeous yarn and lovely Jaywalkers pattern to make the most of its colours.


Happy Happy to you and your blog! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Joanne Snyder

I love reading your blog and thank you for all the great inspiration. Please include me in your drawing.


Happy anniversary - and what pretty, pretty socks you are knitting - lucy daughter.


DLF -- It goes without saying, but I shall, nevertheless, say it: count me in! Happy 2nd Anniversary, and congratulations on a delightfully enjoyable, instructive and popular blog!


Everyone's blogiversary is coming up these days! What is it about spring and starting blogs? :) Happy early Blogiversary to you!


Happy Blogiversary-- your blog is such a joy to read, because of your beautiful galleries of paintings, you speak of my other obsession- books- and always have something insightful to say. Cheers!


Happy blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary! Yet another gorgeous LL colourway to tempt me.


Happy Blogiversary! I agree, I did the same thing on my Blogiversary! I love giving presents;-)


I really like the way the wider stripes look in the kid version of Jaywalker. Happy Blogiversary. My first time here (via Mason Dixon Knitting). I'll be back.


Happy Blogiversary! The socks look great!

Cathi Myers

Happy Blogiversary! Yours is one of the gems to which I always look forward. :-)


Best wishes and may we see many more posts!


Happy Blogiversary to you!

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