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June 13, 2007


Rose Red

I would be very happy if these were my socks! Lovely, and a great colour too. Glad you found your notes (finally!)


Very nice, and great color of socks, too!


Your sock pal is very lucky. The socks are great!


Beautiful socks! The slight shifts in the shade of purple works very well with the brioche rib. I'm sure your sock pal will be ecstatic about them!


They're so pretty!


I LOVE your version! I am making a set of Roza's now--I am on the second sock's leg--and they are surprisingly simple and elegant. The garter ridge at the top and the openness of the brioche....they are just lovely. Sounds like you are also making plans for a second pair of Roza's!


They look fabulous. Lucky sock pal.


I am always looking for an interesting and pretty ribbed sock pattern. These are particularly nice with the yarn you chose. Thanks.


Wow, those are GORGEOUS! Must queue!


these are beautiful!!


Wow, those are beautiful. Gosh, they're my favorite color, and favorite type of pattern... I hope they're for me! ;-)


I LOVE them!!!! Thank you so much!!! I am just going to loosen the cuff a little because I have a big calf but other than that the fit is perfect as well as the colour!!! I love love love them. I'll post sometime this weekend.

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