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August 03, 2007



I love Cadfael! My favorites are Brother Cadfael's Penance and The Summer of the Danes. What's yours?

Rose Red

That blanket looks great! Also love the quote from Then There Were Five.


Hmmm, I need to add the Brother Cadfael mysteries to my list....

Hawks in suburbia are rather fascinating, aren't they? When we lived in Cincinnati, a small stream ran through our backyard, and somehow that minuscule pocket of wildness was a magnet for birds of prey. We saw a large owl (we think a barred), red-shouldered hawks, red-tailed hawks, and even, once, what I could only conclude was a Northern Goshawk. Always a thrill!


I clicked to your link for the previous post on the blanket, and it is lovely. What is the pattern?

My husband and I were discussing this morning how we are ready for fall. South Georgia in August is nearly unbearable! (To cope, you have to keep reminding yourself how nice January is here.) Poor kids started school yesterday, so the playground is miserable!

I'm familiar with the Brother Cadfael mysteries, but I haven't read one yet. Too many books I want to read...Too many patterns I want to knit...Not enough time...


I love Brother Cadfael! I've never read the books (an embarrassing thing to admit) but I used to love the PBS Mystery! episodes when I was in high school.

I'm afraid that your socks are going to be late. Real life has intervened and taken away all of my knitting time (which I never used to believe as an excuse from other knitters, but now that it's happened to me...). They are coming, and will hopefully be mailed on Monday now that the weekend has given me some spare moments to knit away. So sorry about this!


You know, I've never read those books, but I'm always looking for recommendations, so I think I'll check them out from the library. Thanks for the tip!

Great pics of the hawks, too. How exciting!


Oh, could you tell me where you got the pattern for that beautiful blanket? I've got to knit a blanket for my daughter's birthday, and I just LOVE that pattern. I'd appreciate the direction!



Just hearing the tale of tripping over a neglected project cheered me today! I do so love to find others who have the same penchant for wanderlust!


We get sharp shins in Seattle. They are serious hunters and they like to eat little birds. They often hunt from backyard feeders. If you hear a commotion at the bird feeder and see a cloud of feathers you know a SS hawk was there.


The blanket is lovely.

I'm listening to a Brother Cadfael book right now. Her rich vocab and descriptions make for a good audio book. I've dipped in and out of that series over the years, so someday I will have to read them in order.

Have you read the Heaven Tree Trilogy published under her real name, Edith Pargeter? I loved those books! Historical romantic lit at its very best.


I too have a couple of hawks in my garden. They've left me bunny heads and various other "droppings". The parents return each year and give us 2 new hawks who help to keep my garden free of critters. They are noisy, whinning all the day, that is until they mature and move on. I wish I knew exactly if it is in fact the parents who return or are they the babes all grown up??

Love your knitting.

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