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September 25, 2009




I'm kinda a lurker on your site but do love to read it. I am also an absolute pushover for Scandinavian anything especially sweaters and movies, and will purchase this movie today. I too live in a hot climate and can only wear my precious Dale knits two months during the winter! Thanks for showing me this! Have you seen Elling? No sweaters, lovely humor...I have some other faves as well and would be happy to share but need to check your movie posts also.

Wendy in SC

mary lou

My husband is a big fan of Amundsen and Nansen, I've spent time examining the photos in his books quite closely to look at the sweaters and made him stop while watching the last place on earth to check them out. Thanks for the stills!

susann papienski

Hi I have watched this series a million time and neglected to check out the sweaters. My grandfather lived in his Norwegian sweater all winter and all our sweaters were lovingly handwashed by my grandmother. Now living in Florida they are all packed away and waiting for the next generation. I found out my great-grandmother had a postcard signed by Nansen and wish now that when she was alive i could have found out when and where it was signed. Most likely Oslo in 1903. Anyway loved all the sweater comments. susann

Maureen Areglado

I religiously read your blog for several years and even left a comment from time to time. While I understand how busy life can become with young children, I'm just writing to let you know how much I miss your frequent blog entries. You not only fed my soul with your beautiful knitting,
but you also shared my other loves...quotes, books, music, and art. You're an outstanding writer...head and shoulders above so many others...and bless you for not sharing the "whole picture" with us! :) And how could I ever forget the charming dollhouse that was such a labor of love for you?

Thank you so much for sharing your time and many talents! Reading your blog always seems like a wonderful visit with a good friend...just chatting while enjoying a cup of tea together. I'm very grateful...and miss you whole bunches!


Wow, so much insight into knitting traditions and geographically placec knitting traditions. You have so much knowledge.
I actually have never heard of this movie. I'll have to see if they have it at my local library. I do have a soft spot for Bjørn Skagestad. I have had since I used to watch "Vestavind" (Norwegian broadcast tv-series, very nice) when I was a kid. So, he's old, but oh so hot.
And thank you for the comment you left on my blog.


I love this post. I love polar history, and therefore I'm also fond of polar knits! I hope you won't mind if I link to this post from a polar exploration community!

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