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March 30, 2011


Mary Lou

Interesting, both the review and the bookmark directions. I just finished The Semi Attached Couple, by Emily Eden. It was printed on wartime paper and kept tearing as I turned the pages. I returned it to the library and showed them the tears, I hope they don't toss it.

Jill Thompson

In searching for books by Molly Clavering, I came across this site. I purchased a copy at an estate sale. I was attracted by the title, the modestly neat binding and the colorful picture on the end papers. This author was not known to me. I found it a pleasant read. Perhaps it is my age(63), my love of the Brits, or my remembrances of simpler times. I hope I can find some of her other titles. Also, thank you for the origami bookmark pattern.

Michael Stewart

Molly Clavering (1900-25) was my 2nd cousin x 2 removed. I know a fair bit about her and the c25 short stories she wrote for The People's Friend magazine. Contact me if you want any more information. I'm still looking for some the novels she wrote under the name of 'B Mollett' and 'Narion Moffatt'

Michael Stewart, Canterbury

Andrew Martin

I grew up in Moffat and knew Miss Clavering. She was a well-known local personality, with a very fine standard poodle called Bramble.

I have not read the novels, but very much enjoy her non-fiction book about the valleys near Moffat, "From the Border Hills" and return to it often.

I know she wrote pieces in "The Countryman" too - non-fiction I presume.


Thank you for this post. I am a fellow blogger and am very interested in Molly Clavering, and your post was about the only informative result to a Google search for her. If you discovered any additional information about her, or if you were in contact with her cousin who also commented, I'd love to know more. I plan to post about her work, but am hoping to find more biographical information first. Thanks!


Caroline Walker

Near Neighbours published by Greyladies who alos publish DE Stevenson (some previously unpublished) and are also in the Scottish Borders is an excellent read. For novels of this type and era have a look at Greyladies website http://www.greyladiesbooks.co.uk/index.html and if you don't know it Persephone Books too. http://www.persephonebooks.co.uk/authors/
Both wonderful lists of the most delightful books.


I remember meeting Mrs Clavering when I had to tell her about my favourite books for a Brownie badge! She was very kind to me, and I seem to remember what felt like a very grown up conversation. I had no idea she was a novelist and hope to be able to track down some of her books.

Laurie Gagne

I see no comments past August of 2020 but Molly Clavering's books are available in Kindle through Amazon. I've purchased all of them and they're delightful! I'm a D.E. Stevenson fan and I came across Clavering's name in an article about Stevenson. This article also led me to the works of O. Douglas (pen name of Anna Buchan, John Buchan's sister) because apparently Stevenson liked her books. Douglas's influence on Stevenson is very clear; she even re-uses some of the same proper names.

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