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May 16, 2011



Just amazing...would that I have the time, what a great Mom you are!


I'd also recommend a copy of "Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women, c1560-1620." You should be able to get one through ILL. I found it very useful to see the pattern pieces drafted from extant garments.


Laurie, I have pored over my copies of Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion" books for years! They are probably one of the things that got me so fascinated with historical clothing construction. (I've long thought that the 1795-1810 riding habit was possibly one of the most elegantly simple gowns I've ever seen.) Not being a particularly talented seamstress though -- nor especially intuitive! -- I've found them a bit daunting. I'm hoping that "The Tudor Tailor" will do a bit more hand-holding, as it were.


I think the dress looks fabulous. I was able to get the same Similicity pattern on ebay. I am curious as to where you purchased the satin costume fabric? My daughter wants to be Rosalina for Halloween this year. I only have three months and I am not so seamstress handy. Hopefully I can get help on this one. Just curious, are interested in selling your Rosalina costume?


Hi, Just to let you know that New Style Yarn Co.1/F 87 Percival Street Causeway Bay
Hong Kong, is no longer there!


Wow, amazing!
I wish I had a dress like that!


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Thank you!Jeanne


Wow, this is incredible! I wish I had the skills to make something like that. Would you be willing to do any sort of commision-type thing and be paid to make one for someone else? Or is that something you wouldn't be interested in?


Rachel, you flatter me! Sorry, I don't want to do commissions I'm really not good enough for that yet. Best, Jeanne

Britney kizzia

I think ur work is amazing my 11 year old won't choose any thing else to be for Halloween do u make costumes?


Dear Britney, if you mean do I make costumes for people I don't know, then, sorry, no I don't. I'm really not good enough -- the model makes the dress here, if I may say so myself!

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