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March 04, 2013


mary lou

No such thing as leftover GS Cookies.

Berva (Mom)

You only have leftover GS cookies if you're the cookie chairman (from experience--ended up with 40 boxes back in the 70s)


Oh my gosh! I love the Lemonades, and as truffles..... Hmmmmmm I so need to try this!

Renton Auto Repair

Absolutely delicious recipe that has become a favourite of my family and friends. I don't bother dividing the mixture and layering the biscuit though, rather I just crush them and mix it all together as you would a traditional hedgehog.


RAR, I'm not quite sure what you mean by dividing the mixture and layering the biscuit, since the recipe does not instruct you to do that, but thanks for commenting!

By the way, I have removed the link to your webpage from your comment. It looks just a little too much like spam for my liking.

Best Pocket Knives

i found the chocolate mix went like a paste, there was far too much biscuit i made a whole another batch of choc mix and put all the biscuits in the bowl and then into the tin...still chilling now.


BPK, I'm not quite sure what *you* mean either, as your comment almost makes sense but not quite.

Again, as with RAR, I am removing the link to your webpage, as it is looking more than just a little like spam to me now.

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