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August 12, 2016


Mary Lou

Oh man! I haven't watched this yet. More reason to do it.


This totally passed me by! I wonder who does the knitting for this type of series?


Searching for a clue to my question I found this lovely site:


Patterns from 1800 onward!


Cancelled? Oh blast, I must rewatch...


One of my favorite series!!! Eager for season two this year.

Bridget Curran

In the photo of Laura and Kate, Laura is wearing Golden Eagle # 478. I tracked it down this morning at http://www.fab40s.co.uk/Ladies4.html

~ Bridget


Here is a better photo of Laura's cardigan, to go with Bridget's excellent detective work!


Bridget Curran

I thought it would be impossible, but I have now also tracked down Kate's lovely green cardigan! It's Bestway 1027 (Leaf Stitch Jumper), also available at the Fab40s website. I zoomed in to examine the detail, and it's definitely the right pattern. Now I need to track down Sarah's cardigan with the diamonds and embroidered flowers and I'll be completely happy, and will have enough patterns to keep me busy for the next few months.

~ Bridget


I'm even more impressed with the costume designers' work now -- either they have used extant period garments or have used period patterns to make new ones. Either way, Lucinda Wright and Howard Burden deserve a round of applause!

And well done, Bridget!


If the garments were knitted for the show, they've done an excellent job of avoiding making them look new. They look lived-in and authentic. It is indeed very impressive and they do certainly deserve some applause!

I'm still on the prowl for more of those patterns. But I haven't started knitting anything yet. I'm still knitting like mad to use up most of my stash before I start on my Home Fires knits.


Julie Summers, author of the book on which "Home Fires" is based, has a blog, and wrote here --


about clothing from the series and during the war years.

This link --


is to all of her posts tagged "Home Fires".

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