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August 13, 2016



I've never seen the films so was unaware of the knitwear in them. These must have been 'purpose-knit' surely?

See here: http://flagelknittingfiles.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/knitting-for-movies.html


Okay, okay, I dropped the ball on that one, I guess! I know that the (in)famous knits for "Outlander" were custom-made for the series, as well. I meant that certain series/movies would have a wide stash of ready-made things (e.g. "Mad Men", "Call the Midwife" – say WWII on?). And of course there's 2014's "Tell Them of Us" for which the wardrobe staff was, to their delight, flooded with volunteers from the knitting community to make period things. I suppose it depends on the production's time frame, as well. "The Hobbit" certainly had plenty of time to knit up lots of things, and of course they had to look Middle-Earthy as well.

I've used the Vintage Pattern Files' wonderful trove quite often, both for knitting and for images for my virtual D.E. Stevenson "knitalong".

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