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January 17, 2017



I had to look up Kool Aid - apparently one can use it to dye one's hair! And people drink it?!


T, yes, it’s a sweet fruit (flavored) drink mix. On the plus side, the strong dyes combined with the citric acid make Kool-Aid surprisingly perfect for dyeing natural fibers – apparently citric acid acts as a fixative, so those who (like me) are just playing around with small-batch home dyeing don’t need a separate mordant, or even special equipment.

Citric acid isn’t nearly as lethal as it sounds, and in fact is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, especially citrus. Weirdly, it also apparently makes an excellent limescale remover and water softener – I recently bought a cleaner for our dishwasher, since our local water is extremely hard, and discovered that this cleaner is almost 100% citric acid!

It was probably only a matter of time that people would figure out that if Kool-Aid dyes wool it will also dye your hair! It’s inexpensive (pennies for one packet), and comes in a range of colors, which can in turn be combined in different ways for different results. My modest experiments are only the tip of the iceberg!


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