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July 28, 2017


Mary Lou

I agree on a place for every format. I got rid of boxes and boxes of books a couple of years ago, but kept those with sentimental vlaue, or that i knew I'd be unlikely to find elsewhere. The ease of the Kindle/iphone combo has me reading more, since I can pull out my phone and pick up where I left off while waiting in line etc. My library has lots of ebooks.

Reading an old Ann Patchett right now, The Magician's Assistant. Next in line is The Last September, Elizabeth Bowen.


Mary Lou, I don’t like reading on an e-reader as much as I like paper – the screen is harder on my eyes no matter the setting, and I seem to have regular issues with malfunctions from it “turning” more than one page at a time to not uploading things correctly, aside from just the inability to flip through paper pages easily – but I do really appreciate that all of those classics I’ve kept throughout the years even though they are brittle and yellow, I can now store on my Kindle, even potentially hundreds of them!


I finished reading Westwood (that exact edition) a few weeks ago but I still haven't formed a coherent feeling about it yet. I will need to re-read at least part of it.

I am now having difficulty in supporting quite a lot of my books so have become resigned to my Kindle (Mark 4) although still not totally enamoured. The classics are usually very reasonably priced though so that is a plus.

I recently read a Penguin book and the typeface was so small that I had to concentrate very hard on it and when I was watching Dickie's television that evening, everything was blurred. So I won't be doing that again.


I meant to ask you - are you aware of the true pronunciation of Cadfael? My language and, therefore that of Cadfael is Welsh and is peculiarly phonetic. We do not have j k v in the alphabet; Cadfael would be pronounced as Cad-vile.

Incidentally, you mentioned druthers in a recent post - I had to look it up since I had never heard of it before. I do, so, love to learn and this blog is a place where I seem to do a lot of it. Thank you!

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