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September 06, 2018


Paula Fletcher

YES! Finally someone agrees with me. So many of my homeschool mom friends just rave about it. I love LM Montgomery, I've got just about all her books. This show is not Anne. If they wanted to do a more "realistic" story, then do it, but don't try telling me it's Anne. It's like the Tangled movie, they could have made that movie without pretending it was the Rapunzel story.


Paula, your comment made me laugh, though in a rather dark, cynical way! I was surprised – astonished – at how many reviews I read about how good this series is, even the ones who agreed that it is grim and not at all like the book. *Even people who had read the book!* Of course, the CBC wouldn’t have even green-lighted it, let alone filmed it, if they didn’t think it would sell, but I’m still just amazed and appalled that they would even consider having things like a pedophile at the train station or Matthew considering suicide, etc. etc. etc., let alone the more subtle things like Gilbert’s leering and completely out-of-character crack about “A cute girl is a cute girl”. That is so very wrong – book Gilbert falls in love with Anne because of her brain, whereas new Gilbert thinks she’s interchangeable with any other young female. (And you know what, I don’t really care if new Gilbert changes his mind later on, and falls in love with the “real” Anne – sadly, for me the damage has been done. Book Gilbert isn’t this shallow, nor this rude. And I’m not even one of the Gilbert-swooners.)

Sigh. It could have been really good – with this cast, this cinematographer, this art director – and even with making it more-subtly “modern”. It just goes way too far. The only consolation, if you can call it that, is that they changed the name – this is clearly not “Anne of Green Gables”.


I've been reading your archives and am so delighted to find another D.E. Stevenson reader.



There's a lovely essay by Sarah Mesle at the "Los Angeles Review of Books" website about the Anne books --


I found it a pleasure in itself, but also prescient in the importance that Mesle attaches to the deftness with which Montgomery not only suggested her characters' backstories but sketched the characters themselves -- "for Marilla was shrewd enough to read between the lines of Anne's history and divine the truth." With a single phrase, Montgomery not only gives us a large part of Marilla's character, but opens up a window into Anne's. Montgomery does not shy away from the sordidness of Anne's past, but her Anne will not dwell on it -- there is too much joy and beauty, and indeed, love, around her for that.

"'Dear old world,' she murmured, 'you are very lovely, and I am glad to be alive in you.'"

Ingrid Clark

While it is easy to see the stamp of the 21st century on this version of Anne, I think that was part of the point— sensibilities change. It doesn’t feel as ‘cozy’ as the previous versions I have watched, but I personally enjoyed it. I would love a real catalogue of all the knitwear, however.


I need to go back and rewatch the first scenes with Gilbert to fully appreciAte what you are saying — I don’t remember them... my overall feeling was that he was always drawn to her because she was different/smart. But, that could be me projecting. I have to admit a real fondness for this actor who played Gilbert — I found him utterly adorable/charming!

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