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July 02, 2020



Oh, well done! I could never, in a million years, attampt that amout of work.

Good luck for the show on Monday, do let us know?


How did you get on at the show?

& good to see at least one American is advocating wearing a mask in crowded public places.

Pubs opened again here (England) on Saturday. Tuesday three pubs were reported to have closed themselves because a weekend customer had called them to say they'd come down with the dreaded symptoms. So off their own bats the Pub landlords/ladies called everyone who'd been in that day (had to leave contact details for just this kind of event) and now all staff have been tested & customers are getting tested &/ self-isolating for another 14 days.

This is not unexpected. At least by people who weren't out to try and win short term popularity contests & were maybe being 'leaned on' by heavyweights the Hospitality Industry! Not to mention everyone longing to get out for a pint, or several.

juliet brown

That is really pretty - I love it, good luck at the show.

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