Hello! You mention that these instructions assume you've knitted the leg, and I'm wondering where instructions on knitting the leg might be? These look challenging for me (a new knitter) but I may attempt it at some point!!


Kendal, I found this foot style to be more complex than usual, even though I have a fair amount of experience knitting socks, but if you are both stubborn enough and careful enough, it should be manageable (!).

I wrote more about the rest of the stocking here -- -- where there are more links to my sources, but basically, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ever-handy Knitter’s Almanac is an excellent and user-friendly way to calculate leg shaping. Alternatively, you could probably use any of the period-stocking patterns available for free, and get good results. These are some that I’ve bookmarked –

all of which will require some math and/or adjustment to fit your wearer well. (Hand-knitted knee- or above-knee stockings are not like store-bought ones.)

And I’m not ashamed to say that I probably never would have managed knitting my Cheapside foot without making a checklist for myself of every single row in the foot, to keep track of the two foot gussets converging on each other at the same time! This was even more helpful for making sure that both stockings were exactly the same.

There are also some links you might find helpful in an older post of mine about a simpler pair of stockings -- -- simpler in the foot, I mean. This one may not be as fetching as the Barnim foot or my Cheapside one, but is certainly both comfortable and period-appropriate!

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