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What a lovely idea. It is that personal touch that makes everyday life more special.


Nice job. But, I do not sew. Do you know where I might FIND some napkins like these? I would love to get some.


Zina, Amazon has a fairly wide selection in both price and design -- just search for "cloth napkins". I'm not sure that I would want to pay $5.95 for just one, but on the other hand if it's really beautiful you will enjoy looking at it and using it every day. Mine worked out to be about $2 apiece. You can also try handkerchiefs or bandanas from the dollar store or on sale at Penney's or another department store -- you could dye white handkerchiefs with Rit to whatever matches your kitchen or dining room.


Those are lovely! It's really nice to have napkins that you can toss in the washer when they get dirty, especially when they're so cheery to start with :-).


Love this idea!
Now I want to start doing this for my daughter! My boys would throw them away! :)


I love this idea! I am going to make some tomorrow!

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