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Aktion 0195
Ravenclaw Scarf
Annas Shawl
"Sophie" Lace Scarf
Spey Valley Socks
Fairly Simple Ribbed Mitts
Primavera Socks
Watercolor Socks
Pulsvarmere Blonde
Vest for a Fiancé
Three-Rib Beret
Vintage Velvet Scarf
Easy House Slippers
Scandinavian Mitts
Coquette Socks
Ribbed Socks
"Acquamarine" socks
Ribbed Scarf with a Crocheted Edging
Invercargill Scarf
Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
1810 Socks
Classic Socks
Enchanting Entrelac
Clocked Stockings
School Socks in "Camo Colors"
School Socks in "Crocuses"
Gaia Shoulder Hug
Serpentine Mitts
Scarf and Ribbed Mitts
Two pairs of mittens to a late-mediaeval pattern
Burberry-Inspired Cowl
"Tie One On" Wrap
Muffatees for Miss Pole
Sockhead Hat
Moebius Ring
Good Dame Eve's Cap
Hedgerow Socks and Mitts
Fairly Simple Ribbed Mitts
Kid Mohair Wrap
Three-Rib Beret and Scandinavian Mitts
"Black Velvet" School Socks
Hidden Gusset Mitts
Barnim-style School Socks
Fairly Simple Ribbed Mitts
Garter Heel Socks
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