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Emily Dennistoun (1920s)

Emily Dennistoun (1920s)

I wrote for this knitalong selection during my second read of "Emily Dennistoun," "I think that Emily Dennistoun would be rather shocked to think that her underwear might be discussed in public, but it is not at all unlikely that she would have actually knitted such things herself. I was surprised at first to see the number of patterns for 'vests and shorts' out there -- this is one of dozens from The Vintage Knitting Lady. I had not in fact given much thought to knitted underthings, but upon reflection suspect that in Scotland at least, where this novel is set, one might want such things more often than not." This Greenock pattern (series C. no.4) from the late 1920s or early 1930s is available for purchase from The Vintage Knitting Lady --

March 2012