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Mrs. Tim Gets a Job

Mrs. Tim Gets a Job

In "Mrs. Tim Gets a Job" (1947), Hester Christie, at a bit of a loss with Tim off with the regiment in Egypt and the children heading to boarding school, unexpectedly finds herself taking a job as assistant to a woman who has turned her Scottish country home into a small hotel. Being Mrs. Tim, she finds interesting people of all kinds and quiet adventures around her, not to mention lovely Scottish countryside. This jumper is a perfect choice for her to knit, with its pleasing shape and smart little collar -- not to mention the value of its warmth in a bracing Scottish spring! -- but it is also immensely practical for a Britain still feeling the crunch of post-war clothing rations, as it was designed to use up small scraps of wool!

The "Fair Isle to Use Up Your Small Scraps of Yarn" is from a Bestway book of 1946, and is available for free at the Vintage Knitting Pattern Archive --

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