> Knitting with D.E. Stevenson

These images are a summary-of-sorts for a virtual knitalong to the novels of D.E. Stevenson, combining my interests in knitting, historical patterns, and good fiction. At the risk of amusing nobody but myself, I've collected the images here so that they can been seen all at once and are arranged by the title of the relevant book. My original posts can be seen here --

Amberwell (1955)
Blue Sapphire, The (1963)
Charlotte Fairlie (1954)
Crooked Adam (1942)
Emily Dennistoun (1920s)
Emily Dennistoun (1920s)
Fair Miss Fortune, The (1935?)
Five Windows (1953)
Five Windows (1953)
Found in the Attic (2013)
Green Money (1939)
Listening Valley (1944)
Miss Buncle's Book (1934)
Mrs. Tim Carries On
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job
Mrs. Tim of the Regiment (1932)
Mrs. Tim of the Regiment (1932)
Spring Magic