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Long Flower Panel

Long Flower Panel

Long Flower Panel, from "Celtic, Medieval and Tudor Wall Hangings in 1/12 Scale Needlepoint" by Sandra Whitehead (Guild of Master Craftsman, c2001)

Finished January 2014; the photo does not yet have the hanging loops attached to the top of the panel! Worked on 28-count Monaco canvas.

Whitehead writes of this hanging, "In the medieval period, long panels hung between two windows were used mainly for draught exclusion, but by Tudor times they were mainly for show. A panel such as this would be known as an entre-fenĂȘtre; the phrase literally means 'in between windows'. Frequently an entre-fenĂȘtre panel was designed to fit a particular wall area, although there would certainly have been occasions when a room would be designed around an existing panel -- they were such costly, treasured items. Horizontal long panels were also often made to fit above panelling."