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Heriz carpet

Heriz carpet

Heriz carpet, designed by Sue Bakker, chart in "International Dolls House News" v.26, no.11 (31 October 1997)

Worked in half-cross stitch with DMC embroidery floss (3 strands) on 22 count mono canvas; finished size 8 3/8 x 5 3/8" (13.5 x 21 cm) not counting fringe

I made some modifications from the chart (color choices) in the border rosettes to match the illustration, in the placement of the "leaves" in the large border to balance them, and in the meanders in the two narrow borders to make the corners more finished-looking. The result is different from the illustration only on close inspection, and is a beautiful miniature carpet that was a pleasure to work!

The list of materials has some errors and no quantities; I used the following colors --

939 navy blue (2 skeins)
931 + 3768 medium blue (1 skein each) [converted from Anchor 779/799 (? both numbers are given in different places) and 921]
799 + 809 light blue (1 skein each) [converted from Anchor 88 (sic) and 849]
816 dark red (2 skeins, including edge finish) [converted from Anchor 020]
3328 light red (1 skein but recommend 2)
3045 gold (2 skeins) [not 304]
Ecru (2 skeins, including fringe)

16 March-4 April, 2017