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Karagashli Carpet (No.10)

Karagashli Carpet (No.10)

Karagashli carpet (No.10) from "Making Miniature Oriental Rugs & Carpets" by Meik and Ian McNaughton (Guild of Master Craftsman, c1998)

1-23 July 2016. Worked on 22-count Hardanger-type canvas with Appleton's crewel wool; finished size 7 in. x 4 1/2 in. (18cm x 11cm), not counting the fringe. The coverage of the crewel wool is not really adequate for this gauge canvas -- unless you want a "worn" look!

The McNaughtons write of this mid-19th-century design, "Karagashli is a village near Kuba in the eastern Caucasus. Many carpets woven there display a series of banner-like red rhomboids on a turquoise background, surrounded by white cruciform stars and strange, bird-like motifs. The pattern in the main border is known as 'leaf and chalice' pattern. It is not peculiar to Karagashli, but is widely used in Caucasian weaving."