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"Memling" Bergama

"Memling" Bergama

"Memling" Bergama carpet, from Frank Cooper's book "Oriental Carpets in Miniature: Charted Designs for Needlepoint or What You Will" (Interweave, c1995).

Started 29 August 2016, completed main stitching 10 November 2016, finished 13 November 2016. Worked on 28-count Monaco cloth with Appleton's crewel wool; finished size 6 x 5 1/2 in. (15 x 14 cm), not counting fringe.

This carpet is based on the one in Hans Memling's painting "Flowers in a Jug" (ca.1485) in the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection, Madrid -- Cooper writes, "There is no assurance that [the carpet in the painting] is a Bergama rug, but it meets the description given in several books, and rugs from this area were being exported to Europe as early as the fourteenth century. Because the rug appears in a Memling painting, it is, perhaps, safer to call it a Memling Bergama"!

I used these Appleton's shades, converted from the original Paternayan -- I would recommend a slightly "greener" shade for the P643 than Ap343, as it doesn't contrast quite enough with the Ap911 --

P500 = Ap326
P756 = Ap992
P950 = Ap226
P643 = Ap343
P751 = Ap911
P641 = Ap245
P930 = Ap147