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Lemonade Kool-Aid on Appleton's 992 (cream)

Lemonade Kool-Aid on Appleton's 992 (cream)

A partial skein of Appleton’s crewel wool in 992 (cream) + 1 packet Lemonade Kool-Aid

“Kettle-dyed” following the tutorial here --

Brief summary of instructions: Put Kool-Aid in the bottom of a bowl [this one is very small because my sample is also very small]. Add a small amount of boiling water as desired and place yarn on top. Let the yarn soak up the dyed water, adding water in stages as desired, either leaving some of the yarn above the water level or all of it submerged. Leave until the water is clear.

I tied the wool with irregularly-spaced pieces of buttonhole twist to try and keep a little bit more-or-less undyed -- this did work, although more on the parts of wool that were submerged through the whole process. The yellow color is quite bright but I suspect this was because the amount of wool and water were both very small so that the Kool-Aid was very concentrated.

16-17 January 2017